SmartMD for Patients

Easy access to professional medical information anywhere in the world

Real time online video consultation with doctors

Access to doctors anytime, anywhere

24/7 appointment booking and reminder system

Safe and private

How SmartMD Works?

With SmartMD, having a consultation with your doctor can be done online in 3 simple steps – Register, schedule and consult. SmartMD is available on PC, tablet and smartphone.
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    Sign Up For A Free Account

    It couldn’t be easier – just tell us your name, mobile number, email address and a password. You can register for free account with us in just a few minutes.

    Get Started Now

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    Schedule & Receive Confirmation

    Login to your account to request for an online consultation with your preferred doctor. He/she will receive a notification of your request and confirm one of your proposed timeslots. You will then receive an email confirmation once the schedule is confirmed by your doctor.

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    Connect and Consult

    An email reminder will be sent to you an hour before the consultation. When it is time for your tele-consult, simply click the link inside the email to enter the waiting room for the tele-consult. After the session, your account is charged according to the length of consultation.