Medical Travel Concierge

To complete the whole patient experience, GMG also provides full medical travel concierge services for all our patients. We take all the stress of the unknown away from patients – difficulty in interpreting medical terms, problems with unreachable phone numbers, incorrect billings and many others. Patients just have to focus on their recovery process – while we will take care of the rest.


Every individual’s medical needs are different. At GMG, each patient’s case will be evaluated by our medical board and matched to the doctor that fits your medical needs.


In the event of emergency, GMG will be there to assist with medical evacuation. Our medical evacuation team provides both land and air ambulances. All air ambulances will be activated with a 3 hour turnaround time upon confirmation, so that you can receive the immediate medical attention you need.


Have a peace of mind when you use our services. Our local partners will assist with flight, accommodation and transportation arrangements for your medical trip.


Our group of medical trained translators will assist non-English speaking patients to communicate with doctors during their visits in Singapore. The patients can now share their health concerns without being afraid of language barriers. We could also assist in translation of your medical reports for ease of understanding.


The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has implemented various measures to facilitate visa applications for entry to Singapore. Not all visitors require entry visas to Singapore. For more information, please kindly check the ICA website at If your treatment requires you to stay longer than had been anticipated or to enter Singapore several times, we can assist you with Visa application.


GMG provides you with all the available treatment options, medical expenses and length of stay estimates. So you will be financially and mentally prepared prior to your trip.


We understand that it is tedious to fill out forms after forms just to get insurances and payment in place. GMG will assist with the process and take the hassle away.


GMG works closely with our panel of doctors so that you will receive first-hand information on your medical condition. We will also liaise closely with our doctors should you require any post treatment follow ups.