About Us


Global Medical Group (GMG) is a medical technology company that delivers quality healthcare services to patients and doctors through technology and innovation. Our solutions are customised to meet the requirements of both patients and healthcare providers in the region.

The Changing Healthcare Landscape

With the advancements in technology, healthcare providers and patients are increasingly exposed to telemedicine. Telemedicine was originally developed as a way to treat patients who were located in remote places, far away from local health facilities or in areas of with shortages of medical professionals.

While telemedicine is still used to address these problems today, it is increasingly becoming an important part in healthcare delivery. Today’s connected patient wants to waste less time in the waiting room and get more immediate care for minor and urgent conditions.

In Singapore, telemedicine plays an integral part in healthcare delivery for international patients. Being known as Asia’s leading destination for advanced medical care, Singapore receives more than one million foreign medical patients every year.

While patients are in-country receiving treatment, they are closely monitored by medical providers throughout the whole treatment process. However, after their treatment is completed, patients depart from Singapore back to their home country where they will start their recovery process.

With the increasing number of medical travellers to Singapore, there is an increasing number of patients that require regular post treatment follow ups. However, it may not be possible or viable for patients to fly in and out of Singapore on a regular basis during their recovery period. To improve patient access and connectivity to overseas medical providers, we therefore developed – SmartMD.